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The Fairy Tale Series

A Fairy Tale

The first book in a new contemporary fantasy series from the author of Enchanted, Inc., now available.

Visit the book's page for more information.

The Enchanted, Inc. Series
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"A classic single-girl-in-the-city formula with a nice fantasy twist thrown in." –

"I'd always heard that New York City was weird, but I had no idea just how weird until I got here."

Thus begins "one of the best romantic-fantasy series being written today" (Booklist), the story of an extraordinarily ordinary young woman who's got a talent for dealing with magical mayhem.

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Non-Fiction Books

I occasionally contribute essays to books on various pop-culture topics. It's a great way to justify my television habit as "work." Apologies if your favorite series imploded or went horribly wrong around the time one of these collections appeared. I've discovered that I seem to have a curse.

Romance Novels

Before I discovered my true calling writing fantasy novels, I wrote a few romance novels. Although they're out of print, a couple have recently been reissued digitally by the publisher. If you're a completist or a fan of romantic comedy, check them out.

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